We are a concierge practice specializing in improving people's health and fitness through customized programs and solutions. Whether you are recovering from injury, looking to improve your health and fitness, or want to improve your athletic performance, we've got you covered!  Our services include Pilates, Personal Training, and Sports & Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation

Our Team Members


“I have worked with both Jenny and Jon for several years. They address your needs in a personalized and flexible way. When you need a hard workout - they are ready for you.  When you are trying to get back into your exercise program (after too many days/weeks of travel), they understand and adjust accordingly. When the unexpected sprain or injury hits you, they know what to do. If you want to "geek- out" on the science of fitness, they have detailed knowledge.  All of this is mixed with a high level of professionalism - and a great sense of humor. I will continue to work with them - and you should consider them as well!” - Evelyn D.

“Jon and Jenny are AMAZING.  I went to Jenny for Pilates and physical therapy when I had a foot fracture. She was instrumental in helping me heal and strengthen. After I made a full recovery, I stayed on with her for pilates because I felt so much stronger and absolutely loved how thoughtful and knowledgeable Jenny was about anatomy and strength.  My husband and I both have worked with Jon as well, and he is incredibly knowledgeable too about anatomy and knows how to "magic fix" anything that causes us pain. He can pair that with also giving us amazing workouts.  We cannot recommend them more highly - both as trainers and as physical therapists!” - S.P.

“I started physical therapy with Jon based on the recommendation of my husband's coworker. Jon helped me overcome the fear I had about working the muscles to strengthen my back and core again. With his guidance he made me feel like I could do the exercises correctly, unlike the PT I had worked with last time. My back strain and sciatica gradually improved and I was so relieved. Then I got to work with Jenny as well. Her PT knowledge along with her dance background got me to the point where I could tango again. I'm happy to say my back continues to improve, my core is getting stronger, and I know the steps to stay healthy.” - Suzanne B.

"Jon is extremely professional, kind and knowledgable. He taught me proper weight lifting form to ensure I didn't injure myself. I highly recommend him and his services!" - Mike S.

"Working with Jon was an excellent experience. He was professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable. The space was comfortable and private. He listened attentively as I described my situation and after a simple diagnostic assessment, he helped me set goals and map out a clear and realistic program. He walked me through each exercise, and also took video of me performing the exercises while he clearly restated the specific details to remember. I still load up those videos whenever I can't recall exactly how I'm supposed to perform a certain stretch. He also wrote out the program on a white board, and took a picture of that for me as well. When I left I felt that I had a whole package of tools specifically designed for my needs." - Kenneth A.