Choosing a Crossfit Gym

I just listened to a great podcast with Dr. Karen Litzy and Dr. Rick Daigle on the Healthy Wealthy Smart Podcast 217: Crossfit: It is for You? w/ Dr. Rick Daigle and I thought they had a great discussion about how to choose a Crossfit Gym, along with a lot of other Crossfit-related topics.  

In light of that podcast, I'm posting my thoughts on actionable steps you can take if you want to figure out if Crossfit is for you, and what the best gym is for you.

1. Be open, leave your pre-conceived notions at the door.  Walk in with an open mind and see first hand what it's like for yourself.  Relying on the internet or social media will leave you with certain impressions of Crossfit that may or may not be accurate.

2. Ask to observe a class, and hang out for the whole thing beginning to end.  Get a feel for the culture, community, and general vibe of the gym.

3. Ask if they have a class that is open to the community to try out.  If they do, take it!  There's nothing like experiencing a Crossfit class first hand to figure out if it's something that you might enjoy.

4. Ask to talk to a member, and ask them what they like about the gym

5. Find out the gym's schedule, and see if you can realistically make their class times.  Be honest with yourself.  There's enough barriers to working out already!

6. Ask about their on-ramp / introduction process.  Do they have an introductory class or series of classes? This can be a very helpful step to get you comfortable with the Crossfit class and gym setting, especially if you've never touched a weight before.

7.  Ask your family, friends, or co-workers who you know already go to a crossfit gym, and see if you can tag along with them to observe or take a community class.   The social aspect of Crossfit is huge, and if you have someone that you already know to goes to a Crossfit gym, you'll feel more comfortable going in for the first time.

That's it!  Comment below with any suggestions of your own.