Our health and fitness are valuable assets that need to be developed to function at our peak and to allow us to live long, health lives.  We believe that every human has the ability to have strength, power, endurance, mobility, and agility all in balance with each other.  A Coach-Physical Therapist has the unique skill set to develop a well structured exercise program to guide you to your goals, no matter where your starting point may be.
     We specialize in training clients who are returning from injury or managing chronic conditions.  We are able to combine our skills as physical therapists with strength and conditioning to get you moving better while also getting you stronger, building your endurance, and preventing injuries.  Contact us to work with one of our Coach-Physical Therapists.


Running is one of the most popular sports in the world.  The goal of every runner is to run without injury and to run faster and longer.  We believe the keys to running injury-free and performing at your peak are the same:  impeccable technique, strong muscles, and excellent joint mobility.  A Running-Specific Physical Therapist is uniquely equipped with the best knowledge and expertise in running technique, injury prevention science, and strength and mobility training.   A specialized running gait analysis will provide you with the tools you need to prevent injuries and improve your performance.  You will have your running technique analyzed and you will receive a custom strength and mobility program that will enhance your running to its highest potential.  If you want to run faster, longer, and injury-free, contact us to sign up for Specialized Running Gait Analysis with one of our Running-Specific Physical Therapists.