"Jon is extremely professional, kind and knowledgable. He taught me proper weight lifting form to ensure I didn't injure myself. I highly recommend him and his services!" - Mike Sanchez, Spartan Race and Crossfit athlete

"Working with Jon was an excellent experience. He was professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable. The space was comfortable and private. He listened attentively as I described my situation and after a simple diagnostic assessment, he helped me set goals and map out a clear and realistic program. He walked me through each exercise, and also took video of me performing the exercises while he clearly restated the specific details to remember. I still load up those videos whenever I can't recall exactly how I'm supposed to perform a certain stretch. He also wrote out the program on a white board, and took a picture of that for me as well. When I left I felt that I had a whole package of tools specifically designed for my needs." - Kenneth A.

"I took up running because I thought it would be a time efficient way to exercise and keep healthy.  Ultimately, I ended up loving it and I did the running analysis because I wanted to make sure I was running in a way that would be keep me injury free. The analysis and watching myself on videotape helped me to realize that I was stiff throughout my thoracic spine and that I was foot striking the ground too far in front of my hips.  I worked with an outstanding PT on specific strategies to help me in correcting both of these areas." - Rachelle Callenbeck, MD